Gas Fireplace Manufacturers: Adding Value And Saving Money

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Fireplaces

Fireplaces have always been popular for potential home purchasers. In the past, adding one to increase the value of your home was quite costly. A homeowner often had to create a chimney. In many instances, the floor required extra supports to handle the added weight. Today, however, modern gas fireplace manufacturers offer a variety of options, decreasing the overall cost.


Gas fireplaces are available in a number of types. These include:

  • Direct Vent
  • Ventless/vent-free
  • Inserts

These basic options allow individuals to install a gas fireplace suitable to local and state building codes. They also are able to find a type that suits their existing or non-existing heating system.


Gas fireplace manufacturers not only offer options in venting, they also provide many different models. This allows their customers to select a model that suits both their heating requirements and their décor. Manufacturers produce gas fireplaces that are:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Ultra-modern

They can recess into a cabinet or dominate the room. The fireplace units can reside in a corner or be set into a central island unit – becoming the focal point. It is possible to incorporate a television into the set-up without fear of overheating the unit. You can even place a fireplace, so it is viewable in two rooms at once.

Color is another attractive option. Many manufacturers produce models in different colors – particularly when it comes to trim. This helps customers to select a fireplace that fits easily into its environment.

Those who own a gas fireplace can also accessorize. Decorative items are obtainable. You can purchase customized louvers and andirons, to name a few. All add to the presentation of the fireplace without affecting its functionality.

Gas Fireplace Manufacturers

If you are thinking of purchasing a gas fireplace, do your research first. Consider your options and preferences carefully. After compiling sufficient information about what you want, consider what gas fireplace manufacturers produce models that best suit your requirements.

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