Take Advantage Of The Option Of A Managed Dedicated Server

For large companies, large website and data-driven applications, and for rapidly growing companies, having the ability to control their own server and use 100% of the server’s resources is an important factor. These types of companies have two basic options, to have an on-site server or to work with a company offering dedicated server hosting plans.

On-Site Servers

There are several challenges to maintaining a server on-site at a business. The first is the cost of the purchase and setup of the server, as well as the ongoing maintenance requirements.

There is also a real concern about server failure and how that would impact the company, and even with having the expertise in-house to be able to continue to maintain the server and to provide the appropriate level of security for protection of data.

Hosted Dedicated Servers

Using a hosting service allows the company to choose between unmanaged and managed dedicated server options. Unmanaged servers are just as they sound, the hosting company is only responsible for the physical management of the server at their location, while the business is responsible for all other issues relating to the administration and management of the server.

With a managed dedicated server, the business has full control over the administration of the server and the hosting company maintains the physical server as well as provide full hardware and management software solutions and support.

In many ways, this is the best option for any business. They can choose from different operating systems, including Windows or Linux-based options, as well as full support services around the clock. With a managed dedicated server, all the benefits of having your own server as well as the freedom to make changes, add security or modify the server infrastructure are all possible, with none of the challenges of trying to manage the hardware on your own.