Is It Time To Step Up To Virtual Private Server Hosting?

Businesses, particularly those without their own dedicated IT departments, tend to be very slow to realize they may be losing out on businesses or not maximizing their full potential in data management and accessing of information.

Often these companies are using shared servers, which may have multiple companies all trying to send emails, conduct business and operate websites at the same time and using the same server resources. The result of this is long time delays for pages to load on the website, problems in accessing stored data from the server and even problems with error messages that may be driving customers away from e-Commerce sites.

The way to solve these problems may be to upgrade your hosting program from a shared server to virtual private server hosting.

An Overview

All virtual private server hosting allows the hosting company to sell a portion of a virtual server to your company for use. This means that the virtual portion of the server you are using has a physical server element, but the hosting company will manage the physical server. From the business’s perspective, it is as if there were access to an actual server with full control based on the program selected.

With virtual private server hosting, you can choose either managed or unmanaged types of services. With managed services, the hosting company has some control over the basic upgrades, security and other issues of the system, but you will have full control over your own section of the server. As what you do on your part of the server doesn’t impact others, you have full freedom.

With an unmanaged system, your business will have complete control over the virtual server, including managing all aspects of the server. This is ideal for someone with IT experience. It provides maximum freedom to allocate resources and configure the virtual server to meet your specific requirements.