Needing Help For Roofing In Kirkland, WA

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Roofing

If your roof looks old and worn it probably is. Check any paperwork that indicates the age of the roof. Most asphalt roofs are made to last between twenty and thirty years. Further, replacing an aging roof can head off problems down the road. In addition, check the roof for signs of wear and tear.

Maintenance Is Key

Roofs should be inspected regularly for signs of damage. This is especially true after storms and major snowfall. Experts say the place to start is the attic not the exterior. The roof is damaged if sunlight is coming through the eaves. In addition, shingles should be flat and smooth. Curling shingles are a sign of weathering and missing shingles need to be replaced. The homeowner will eventually have a leak.

The shingles can be replaced by a company that handles Roofing in Kirkland WA. Patching is a good way to hold off on the major expense of a new roof. Algae and moss may show up on older roofs. That’s because newer roofing materials are algae and moss resistant. Algae and moss won’t cause a leak, they just don’t look good. Finally, a sagging roof is a major headache because it’s a sign of a structural problem.

Hiring A Roofer

Consumers need to put in some legwork before paying for Roofing in Kirkland WA. Get referrals from neighbors and friends. However, go a step further by investigating yourself. There are many sites online that give customer reviews about companies. Narrow the choice to three or four roofers and get them to come out. The best way to give an estimate is to see the home. Further, a new roof is expensive and the homeowner should get several estimates.

Sealing The Deal

Homeowners should never accept the lowest estimate because of money. Remember, you get what you pay for. Rather, select a company because they do a good job. Additionally, the company should impress the homeowner with their professionalism. They should provide a written contract that contains key elements about the job including clean-up. Likewise, the company should be licensed and bonded. Employees should be covered under liability and workers compensation insurance. The homeowner should not get stuck paying medical bills for injured workers.

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