Steps Of The PET Scan

A PET scan is a type of diagnostic test to determine if there are any issues taking place inside your body that an X-ray or another type of scan can’t detect. The scan is performed after a substance that is radioactive (don’t worry, it’s totally safe!) is given to you. If the substance is seen in areas of the body that are of a concern, then it gives the doctor vital information as to the health issues that need to be treated.

Let the Glendale PET Scan facility know if you have any allergies to medications that could be used during the scan or if you have experienced any negative impacts from medications used during diagnostic scans. You also need to let the technician know if you’re pregnant or could possibly be pregnant. Try to leave anything valuable at home or with someone who is with you in the waiting room. A list of current medications and treatments need to be given to the technician as you might need to temporarily stop taking certain ones before the scan if they could interact with the radioactive substance.

There are some diet restrictions that you might need to follow before the day of the scan. Avoid drinking any water for about six hours before arriving at the PET scan Glendale CA facility. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scan so that you can be given the proper substances as they need to have time to work their way through your body. The substance is usually given intravenously, so you should be prepared to have this step performed when you get to the center. Most PET scans last about two hours depending on what your doctor wants to examine. You’ll be given instructions as to which way to move and when to be still during the scan. For more information visit Glendale MRI.