Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Why do people get laser hair removal?

People obtain laser hair removal services because it is a great way to remove unwanted hair from their face and body. They are tired of having to shave, wax and pluck to remove the unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal is a service that can be used on both men and women.

What are some of the benefits of laser hair removal in North Vancouver?

Laser hair removal can precisely target the dark hairs on the body. It targets the hair follicle, but it does not damage the surrounding skin. Laser hair removal can also be completed in a short amount of time. Small areas of the body can usually be treated in less than a minute. Larger areas can take up to .

Are you a candidate?

In the past, laser hair removal was only for people who had dark hair and light skin. Today, there are different types of lasers that can be used on different skin colors and types. That is why most people are considered good candidates for laser hair removal. However, you will have to schedule a consultation with a provider of this service if you want to receive this procedure.

What kind of results can you get?

Most people will need to undergo between five and eight treatments. In most cases, people get a treatment every four to six weeks. Some people will require more treatments than others.

Most people will get permanent hair reduction. However, it is important to note that individual results can vary.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser hair removal will depend on the following factors:

The area being treated
The number of areas being treated
The time required

If you need to get laser hair removal in North Vancouver, then you can contact and schedule an appointment.