Services offered at an Animal Hospital, Find One in Chicago

Most pet owners tend to get a little nervous when they think of an animal hospital because they think of illness, pain, and expense. In most cases, most of these hospitals in Chicago are traditional veterinary clinics that offer more advanced services when needed. While most vets tend sick pets and perform routine preventative care, hospitals usually have highly trained staff, more resources, and advanced options, such as lab services.

Routine Exams

Routine examinations for pets are similar to those for humans. They check your temperature, check the skin and fur, look into the ears and mouth, and consider their current behaviors. They can also give you advice about dietary needs, appropriate amounts of exercise, and much more. You’re always free to ask questions to understand your pet and their needs better.


While it’s always difficult when a family member has a severe issue, surgical procedures are essential for pets at times. While many animals never have issues, common surgeries for pets include removing skin abscesses, tooth extraction, bladder stone removal, cancer removal, and more. Look for a location that uses a CO2 laser rather than traditional scalpels.

Lab Work

An in-house laboratory is also found in many pet hospitals, which makes it much easier for you to get lab work done quickly and accurately. You don’t have to go to another location or wait weeks for the results. Plus, the results are likely to help your veterinarian determine what is wrong so that they can create a treatment plan.


X-rays are also a common necessity to find out what’s wrong with your pet and diagnose the issue correctly.

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