Rehabilitation Facility in Philadelphia, PA: A Holistic Alternative for Treating Chronic Pain

Injuries and degenerative medical conditions can lead to chronic pain and reduce the quality of life. A Rehabilitation Facility in Philadelphia PA has chiropractors and physical therapists who minimize pain or cure a condition a person is suffering through. All this is done with tried and true non-invasive medical procedures.

The first part of treatment starts with a thorough exam and diagnosing the patient. Without a proper diagnosis, a patient won’t receive effective treatment. A chiropractor will need information about past health history. With a comprehensive physical exam, the physician discovers the source of pain so the origins of the problem can be addressed.

Instrument Assisted Manipulation for Pain

Instrument-assisted manipulation for pain management is very good a treating soft tissue and joint damage seen in sports injuries and auto accidents. There is one method reported to be most effective.

The preferred instrument-assisted technique is the activator method and it’s done with a hand-held tool. The instrument makes it so the chiropractor can apply controlled force to targeted areas. The tool makes treatment comfortable for patients because it works with precision. The doctor is able to target the specific area without putting pressure on surrounding tissue.

Patients experience significant relief with instrument-assisted manipulation. Many say there is much less pain during the procedure when switching to this technique from another. There is little chance that muscles will resist treatment with the activator method of instrument assisted manipulation.

Rehabilitative Exercises

Rehabilitative exercises rebuilds strength in the muscles, joints, and bones. The exercises are considered to be a type of corrective workout that strengthens weakened areas of the body. Rehabilitative exercises direct attention to spinal correction, joint and soft tissue healing, and muscle control and strengthening.

Muscles and connective tissue can be shifted out of place and strained when they are injured in sports or an accident. Soft tissue, bones, and muscles can be displaced in the body. Disciplined exercises instructed by a chiropractor puts damaged and misaligned parts of the body back into working order. Physicians at a Rehabilitation Facility in Philadelphia PA also should know what their patients are doing that can worsen their conditions.