Eliminating Mold’s Presence in Your Home Keeps Your Family Healthy

Mold is spread via mold spores circulating throughout the environment, and in some cases they can end up in your home. Finding mold growing in or around your air vents can be disconcerting. Without proper testing it can be difficult to determine exactly what type of mold you have growing in your home. Certain types of mold like black mold can cause troublesome health issues, while others simply increase allergy symptoms. Regardless of the type of mold you are exposed to, the problem will need to be dealt with. Unfortunately, this usually involves more than simply donning a mask and wiping down a vent. Luckily, there are vent cleaning specialists that can ensure the air in your home is healthy and clean with their affordable vent cleaning solutions.

Easy Mold Removal and Prevention

The initial reaction to seeing mold in air vents is to clean it yourself. Regrettably, there are often far more instances of mold growth than one can plainly see. If you are noticing mold inside or near your vents chances are you also have mold growing inside your air ducts. For instances such as these, the absolute easiest solution is applying a rubberized lining. This lining not only eliminates your current mold problem it prevents any new ones from forming. Mold needs air to grow, the rubberized lining not only eliminates the molds air supply it also contains high levels of Zinc in its material. This creates environmental conditions where mold cannot grow.

Breathe Easy Living Mold Free

Mold may seem inevitable, as if it’s simply an unavoidable part of living. Though with certain advancements made in the cooling and heating industries it is possible to live assuredly mold free for up to 15 years at a time. Reputable companies like Duct Armor offer these services exactly, and they are available all throughout the country. Breathe a little easier and give them a call today.