How to Select the Right Shoulder Surgeon

If your shoulder pain or injury is making it difficult for you to perform your daily activities, you may have a severe problem that requires surgery. However, finding the right shoulder surgeon in Oklahoma City, OK can be a difficult task, considering that there are so many surgeons available. Here is a guide that can help you narrow the field to a few good ones.

Board Certification

Any orthopedic surgeon worth his or her salt should be board certified. This means that he or she should have completed all required academic and practical training programs, undergone a peer-review process, and passed written and oral examinations conducted by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Such a surgeon is well-qualified to perform shoulder surgery.


Your search for a shoulder surgeon in Oklahoma City, OK should not stop at the first experienced orthopedic surgeon you find. You also have to make sure that he or she has extensive experience in performing the exact type of shoulder surgery you need. There are many different forms of shoulder surgery, from rotator cuff surgery to arthroscopy, and experience in one kind of surgery does not necessarily mean competence in another.


To find out if a certain surgeon is reliable, all you need to do is read reviews about his or her practice on the Internet. You will find a lot of useful information in these reviews, including services available, surgical skills and methods, equipment, environment, nursing care, medications, and customer satisfaction levels. Be wary of surgeons who have received many complaints and criticisms.

A shoulder surgery that is not properly performed can result in complications that can worsen the initial condition. As such, it is essential that you do sufficient research to find the right shoulder surgeon in Oklahoma, OK.

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