Quilting for Beginners: 5 Must-Know Tips

If you’ve always loved quilts, why not take quilting as a hobby? Here are a few helpful tips on quilting for beginners to get you started:

Look for simple patterns

Take baby steps. Start with simple patterns. Square and rectangle shapes will be ideal, says the Quilter’s Review. It might be fun to work in more shapes like triangles but doing so will make the design much more complicated. Simple patterns will help you build up your skills without getting frustrated. That’s going to mean more fun for you.

Start small

It can be overwhelming to start with a full-size quilt right away. You might want to wait on that awhile. Gain some experience and confidence by starting with smaller projects first. A doll’s quilt or a cushion cover should be the perfect way to start.

Take a class or join a club

If you want to know more, there are plenty of quilting classes you can take. This can help you gain more knowledge and experience. Attending physical classes, too, can be quite delightful. That or joining a quilting club. There’s something wonderful about getting to know and spending time with other people who are just as fascinated as you with quilting.

Shop for supplies

Quilting for beginners is easier when you have the right tools and supplies. Shop from a reliable quilting store. Look at customer reviews so you know you’re in the right place. Consider the size of the shop’s inventory as well. Are there a lot of options or do you feel limited in your choices?

Read policies

Be sure to read the shop’s policies, especially on returns and shipping in case you need to return a damaged item. Most shops have a 24-hour window. By knowing the shop’s policies inside and out, you won’t miss that window.