Does Your Furnace In Madison Need To Be Serviced Or Replaced?

It’s hard to know when a furnace is in need of repair unless it has stopped working. A homeowner will benefit from decreased energy costs, improved efficiency, and comfort in a home, and lessen the chance for a major breakdown during the winter when they have a furnace tune-up performed on a yearly basis. An experienced technician will thoroughly inspect the furnace in Madison and check all of the safety features.


Regular tune-ups by an experienced technician could include inspecting the burner, burner flame, thermostat, amp draw, wiring for signs of corrosion or damage, heat exchanger, and drainage system. A technician will thoroughly clean the furnace and blower motor and replace the furnace filter. A homeowner should replace their furnace filter on a regular basis to help the unit to operate efficiently.

Signs A Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

If water is found around the bottom of a furnace, this is usually a sign the condensation line is clogged and needs to be cleaned. If the furnace makes a weird noise like a thump, scrape, or squeal, a trained technician should be contacted to perform work on a furnace in Madison. If the furnace is operating but not pushing warm air into the home, this could be a sign that the blower motor needs to be repaired or a belt has broken in the furnace.

Ineffective Thermostats

When a homeowner has to continually turn the thermostat higher to heat their home to a comfortable temperature, the thermostat probably needs to be replaced. A thermostat’s main job is telling the HVAC how much heat to produce. Thermostats can fail due to electrical issues like loose wiring, blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, and much more.

Age Of A Furnace

Even though furnaces might be sold with a 20- or 25-year life expectancy, if they’re not properly maintained, they usually will not last that long. If a home has a furnace that is more than fifteen years old, it should be replaced. Their energy efficiency is usually decreased, and the comfort of home can suffer.

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