4 Things to Know Before You Call for an Emergency Locksmith

Home security is vital to your peace of mind. Want to install a deadbolt or a new door lock in place to keep burglars and thieves out? Engage the services of a trustworthy emergency locksmith in Orange. Before you call for a pro, though, are a few tips you might want to know:

Windows make your deadbolts useless

Putting in the best deadbolts in place won’t do you a darn bit of good if you have windows near or on your front door. Burglars can simply smash the glass, stick a hand in and turn that lock. Want a better way to keep them out? Look for a double cylinder lock, one that requires a key on the inside so they won’t be able to get into your home, says the Reader’s Digest.

Have your locks re-keyed

Thinking you don’t need to install new locks after moving into a new home? It’s a good safety precaution to have your locks re-keyed. Ask a pro how. If you leave your locks alone, there could be a master key out there that could easily gain access to your property. Keep that from happening by hiring a locksmith to take of your door locks.

Don’t go for cheapo locks

If your door lock is busted and you want to make sure your safety and those of your loved ones isn’t compromised in any way, then don’t go for cheapo locks. Burglars and thieves will have no problems getting through those Mickey Mouse locks so ask your emergency locksmith in Orange for suggestions and referrals on what locks or door security systems will work much better.

Leave those locks alone

Trying to install a deadbolt or lock on your own with only Youtube videos to help you? Installation mistakes could lead to more problems in the future. Spare yourself the time and trouble by hiring a pro to do it for you.

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