Pursuing a Career as a Fashion Designer

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Arts and Entertainment

If you love fashion, have a creative flare, and find yourself drawing designs of outfits, then you could be a fashion designer in the making. A career as a fashion designer could be highly rewarding, as you mobilize your skills and creativity to wow and impact many. If you are interested in pursuing fashion design seriously, there is no one route to get you there, but whichever route you choose undoubtedly involves a lot of hard work.

Studying Design

You can opt to go to design school or study for a qualification such as a Master of Design degree. This can be a great investment of your time, money, and energy; an investment that can prepare, and position you well for the fashion industry.

When you enroll in a design program, you have the amazing opportunity to learn from the best, connect and collaborate with fellow budding designers, experiment and explore in a safe environment, and ultimately discover your own artistic voice. The world of fashion design is always changing, so a leading and relevant study program can equip you to embrace this and be a part of something exciting.

“Direct Route”

You may decide not to pursue any design studies or fashion school. Your reasons may be varied: a highly entrepreneurial spirit, a wealth of knowledge of and experience in the industry, a desire to jump right in, or family or connections in the fashion industry…all could help you get started.

Regardless of your story or reasons, it is important to do as much planning and research to pursue your dreams and position yourself well. Do not neglect the importance of being a student, and always give yourself to learning from people, asking good questions, and if at all possible, finding mentors.

If you are looking for a Master of Design program, get in touch with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Visit them online at http://www.saic.edu/.

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