3 Reasons for The Increase in Cremation Services in Palm Springs, CA

The number of Palm Springs citizens requesting cremation has skyrocketed in just a few decades. Studies by the funeral industry how that the number of funerals which include cremation has doubled since the 1950’s and the trend is expected to continue. Individuals and families often choose cremation in order to defray final expenses. Cremation Services in Palm Springs CA are also common among those who want to simplify arrangements and families that plan traditional funerals without cemetery burials.

Cremation Fits into Most Budgets

Families might decide on Cremation Services in Palm Springs CA when they have to make plans after an unexpected death. Many do not have funds set aside for funeral expenses and traditional arrangements simply cost too much. Today a typical funeral that includes embalming, visitation and graveside services can cost between $7,000-$10,000. That may even not cover the cost of a cemetery plot or headstone. In contrast, it is possible to arrange direct cremation for well under $1,000.

Cremation Makes Funeral Planning Easier

Choosing cremation also eliminates a lot of problems and gives families the time they need to make arrangements. Relatives often live far apart, so planning traditional services can take time that they do not have. Even after embalming a body can only be preserved for a week or two. That forces families to make difficult decisions under pressure, which can be costly and prevent many friends and relatives from attending funerals. In comparison, direct embalming can be completed within a few days after death and leaves families free to organize arrangements on their own timetables.

Cremation Doesn’t Rule Out Traditional Funerals

Many clients choose cremation once they realize that they can combine it with a traditional funeral. For example, they may arrange for embalming and visitation, and then have the body cremated immediately after religious services. The cremains are returned to them afterwards. Some bury ashes on their properties or scatter them at sea. Cremation providers also offer keepsake jewelry designed to hold ashes.

There has been a dramatic increase in cremation requests in recent years, primarily because it is an affordable option. Families also choose cremation in order to simplify funeral planning or when they want traditional services that do not include a cemetery burial.