On Trend- Terrazzo is Making a Major Comeback

One of the big decisions required when renovating or building a new home is choosing the type of flooring to place. The reason it’s so important to choose wisely is that many other fittings and fixtures will work off the choice of floor. After you have chosen the perfect floor material and design, you can move on to choosing the wall color, cabinetry, and other exciting things!

The History of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is an Italian word that translates to “terrace” in English. This type of material began to be used in 15th century Italy. It was a mosaic material that was used as a way to be frugal. The Venetians who worked with marble found that they were unable to afford the material for their own home terraces. Because of that, they would use the discarded bits of marble pieces left over from paying jobs. These pieces were put together in a way that created beautiful terraces for the workers.

Changes from the Original

These terraces were attractive, but they could be a little hard and rough on feet. The workers learned that if they rubbed these scrap pieces with stone it would become smoother and more luxurious to walk on. Nowadays, materials like quartz, glass, and granite are used to make different types of terrazzo. Of course, modern terrazzo is also made in a different way than the old terrazzo tiles.

Terrazzo of Today

In the world of today, terrazzo tiles are made using colored chips, epoxy resin, and a thin-set terrazzo. It’s much quicker to install and offers a large range of color options. It also is less prone to cracking and has a beautiful finish. After the surface has dried, it is then polished and sealed to offer a shiny look.

The Comeback of Terrazzo

Terrazzo can be used in many ways and give many different looks. People appreciate the ability to get a polished, shot-blasted, or flat finish. While using terrazzo for flooring is the most common choice, there are also now furniture that features it, along with sinks and baths. For someone who wants a little uniqueness in their dwelling, you cannot go wrong.

Bringing Terrazzo into Your Life

Trend Terrazzo has a history nestled in Vincenza, Italy and has been in the terrazzo industry since 2000. The company now runs on five continents, with Trend USA located in Florida. If you are interested in learning more about this exquisite tile, you can reach the Trend Terrazzo office at 863-655-0164.