Looking For A “Best Practices” Animal Hospital, Find One In Bucktown

Dogs and cats of Bucktown, like their human masters, need annual physical examinations to ensure they remain in good health and peak condition. Early detection of any potential problems will stop them from worsening, and often prevents your pet from having to suffer.

Your pet’s health history:

When you first visit an animal hospital, the veterinarian will want to discuss your pet’s health history and background. If you’re new to the Bucktown area or this is your first visit to this hospital, it will help the vet considerably if you bring all your pets’ health records with you. The vet will no doubt want to get insight into the animal’s diet, the exercise routine, its typical water consumption, and other issues that the vet may find helpful.

A typical physical examination:

The best “barometers” of a dog’s health are its nose, ears, and eyes.

  • The nose: People have been led to believe that a wet or dry nose is a good indication of the dog’s general health. There may be some truth to this, but the vet will be more concerned about abnormal discharges, off shape, or odd coloring.
  • The ears: To protect the inner ear, the ear canals of dogs and cats is quite deep. These deep canals invite parasites and infection. If you pick-up an odd odor from your pets ears, or the animal digs and claws at its ears, these are indications that there is a problem. Although a visual ear exam is part of every examination, it can help the vet pinpoint a problem if you mention what you have seen and smelled.
  • The eyes: An animal’s eyes may not be a “window to its soul,” but it is a window to the state of its health. If the vet finds evidence of a cataract, this may be a symptom of diabetes. The eyes can also prompt the vet to look for jaundice or anemia.

Residents of Bucktown and surrounding area are fortunate to have a fully equipped animal hospital close by. Take your pet for an annual checkup and ensure all vaccinations are up to date.

An animal hospital makes it much easier to ensure your pet is always in good health. Visit Village West Veterinary in Bucktown at website for a virtual tour of the facilities. Like us on our facebook page.