Things to Look for in a Quality AC Installation in Rehoboth Beach DE

When a customer buys a new HVAC unit, they may do so under the assumption that its efficiency rating determines what they’ll pay to operate it. While efficiency is certainly a factor, the quality of the AC Installation in Rehoboth Beach DE plays a role as well. Failure to properly install a unit can decrease its efficiency by up to 30%, but these losses can be avoided by choosing a knowledgeable contractor. Read on to find out what to look for in an HVAC installation.

Proper Sizing

Correct sizing of an AC unit involves determining the home’s cooling load according to the Manual J calculation. Once the cooling load is determined, the contractor can select a unit with enough BTUs (British thermal units) to meet the demand. Poor sizing results in efficiency and comfort issues. For example, a too-large unit will power cycle more frequently, which reduces the unit’s lifespan and prevents it from fully dehumidifying indoor air.


If the home’s ductwork leaks, the air generated by the unit won’t reach the inside of the home. This results in energy waste and other problems. Part of the process of installing an AC unit should include using metal tape or mastic sealant to ensure that the ductwork is airtight.


HVAC system manufacturers specify proper airflow rates, which the contractor will use to set how fast the air moves throughout the system. If the rate is too low, not enough cold air will get into the home. Additionally, cooling systems need a certain amount of air to flow over the evaporator coil to ensure full heat absorption and transfer.


Much like an airflow adjustment, an HVAC contractor will refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the right amount of refrigerant needed to facilitate the transfer of heat in the condenser and evaporator. When a system isn’t charged with refrigerant during AC Installation in Rehoboth Beach DE, cooling capacity is lost and energy costs may increase.

Call Today

While it may cost more to hire a contractor with the certification, education, and training to perform a top-quality installation, it pays off in the long term. Call today to schedule service or visit website for more details.