On-Site Retail Store Offering Dog Collars In Albany, OR

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Pets and Pet Care

Local pet hotels offer owners a wide variety of services. Among them are boarding, grooming, and nail trimming. These amazing pet havens also offer retail stores for pet owners to purchase supplies for the cats and dogs. Among these excellent products are dog collars in Albany OR.

What Owners will Find at The Retail Store

Pet owners are encouraged to browse through the on-site retail store. They can find top-rated pet foods, supplements, and treats. These products are recommended highly by vets. They offer exceptional nutrition. Treats and supplements help pet owners address specific health-related issues. Among these conditions are plague build-up and hairballs.

Reviewing the Services Provided

Pet owners can receive full-service opportunities for their dogs and cats. This includes shampooing that helps address shedding hair and excess dandruff build-up. The groomer uses a variety of products to improve the appearance and condition of the pet’s coat. The groomer will also brush their fur to eliminate tangles and matting.

Cat and Dog Boarding

Pet owners receive a variety of options for their pet. These boarding accommodations provide them with the selection of rooms of different sizes. They range from small rooms to suites. They guarantee that the pet will enjoy their stay at the pet hotel. Pet owners must provide current vaccination paperwork for all cats or dogs staying at the hotel. Multiple cat opportunities are available for owners with more than one pet. They could also receive discounts on their boarding costs.

Playtime for All Pets

All cats and dogs receive playtime during their stay. The caregivers rotate the pets into the playground based on a schedule. This gives them dedicated playtime with a caregiver each day of their visit. They’ll get to roam through the playground and enjoy the great outdoors.

Pet hotels provide pet owners with peace of mind. This allows them to go on trips without worrying about pets left at home. The service affords them with extra opportunities including grooming, trims, and access to the retail store. Pet owners who wish to review these services or buy products such as Dog Collars in Albany OR should contact or visit the Albany Pet Hotel today.

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