Do You Need Ant Control in Puyallup Wa?

Whenever a few ants are seen, more ants are likely to be nearby. Ants live in colonies that sometimes contain 100,000 or more ants. If ants move in near a home or business, Ant Control in Puyallup WA may be necessary. The large number of ants and their ability to squeeze through small cracks are difficult things to deal with, but added to this problem is the fact that do-it-yourself ant control methods tend to not work well. They often only deal with some of the ants that leave the nest and don’t deal with the colony as a whole.

Different kinds of ants can cause different kinds of problems. Some kinds of ants make trouble without ever coming into the living sections of a building. Carpenter ants, for example, will dig through wood, which can cause serious damage to a house or wooden shed. Carpenter ants may even get into walls and build nests within them. Other ants live near paved areas, such as sidewalks and driveways. As they dig, they will make piles of soil on the pavement, causing a mess.

Many ants are prone to enter houses searching for food and water. If they find something to eat or drink in the house, they will leave a scent trail that will lead more ants inside. Although a couple of ants may not cause many problems, those few ants can quickly lead to an invasion of hundreds of ants that may scurry through kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas in a house. Before long, dark lines of ants may march up walls, around the edges of bathtubs, or into cupboards. With a reliable source of food and water, an ant colony can keep growing larger, which means there will be even more ants to come inside a building and cause problems. It’s important to stop an ant invasion as soon as it starts so that it can’t worsen.

Extermination methods that get into the ant nest and kill the queen are the most reliable. That way the whole colony is destroyed instead of only some of the ants. A pest control service will know the most effective treatment for any situation. When Ant Control in Puyallup WA is needed, turn to the experts and let them get rid of ants for good.