How Potty Training Pads Improve House Breaking

Potty training pads are great for many reasons, especially if you have a dog that’s not potty trained yet. The most apparent use of these puppy pads is to protect your floors from accidents and messes. They’re also helpful because they give your dog somewhere comfortable to go potty while you don’t have time or the ability to watch her every second. Another advantage is that they save money.

Protect Your Floor

Potty training pads protect your floor from accidents. If it’s a puppy, he will make mistakes here and there, but you can use the potty pad in his crate or wherever he stays while he learns. If it’s an older dog, you can use the potty pads on travel days to give him more freedom in the car without worrying about where he may go when nature calls! You can also use them in your yard as an alternative for pooping/peeing outdoors if your dog doesn’t want to go outside yet but needs some practice controlling their bladder function.

Alternative for Supervision

These pads are a lifesaver when you can’t supervise your dog throughout the day. Instead of trying to keep her away from wet places or cleaning up messes afterward, you can put down a pad and let her do her business on it, preventing any accidents from happening inside or outside your home.

Save Money

Potty training pads will save money on housebreaking issues. Instead of scrubbing or replacing carpets or furniture whenever your dog does his business indoors, you only need a roll of potty training pads. You can protect your home while your pup learns to do their business outside instead of in the house.