Merry and Bright Candy Designs for the Christmas Holiday Season

While wrapping gifts and enjoying the decorations during the Christmas season, you can also make different types of candies using festive molds. When you use molds with chocolate and other ingredients, you want to spray the mold or use a small amount of oil in the candy that you’re making so that it can easily be removed. Here are a few ideas for Christmas candy molds that can make your holiday season a bit brighter.

Festive Fun
When you think of Christmas, you probably think of trees, lights, and Santa. You can usually find molds in all of these shapes so that you can make everything from chocolate candies to small cookies. These are fun molds that could be used for parties or to put inside treat bags. When the candies are removed from the molds, you can decorate them to match the design so that you have a customized treat to enjoy or to give. If you make cookies using Christmas candy molds, don’t fill the mold all the way to the top to allow for expansion as the cookies bake. This will also make it easier to decorate the cookies.

Shining Bright
There are also elegant candy molds that you can use for the Christmas holiday. Some of the designs that can usually find include bells, angels, and stars. These molds would be a good option to consider for someone older or someone who attends church who might enjoy a sweet treat. After removing the candy from the molds, you can add sparkling details to bring out the elegance of the design. These details could include edible glitter or gold and silver sprinkles. You can also add a small amount of oil to the chocolate used for the molds for a shiny appearance that blends with the theme of the holiday season.

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