Facets to Anticipate When Taking on a Job in the Canadian Oilfields

With the Canadian oil industry steadily increasing, more people are joining this busy industry. People who are new to the work may not necessarily know what to anticipate when they head out into the oilfields.

Before you take a job with one of the pipeline construction companies in Calgary, you may first take a moment to understand what could lie ahead of you in your career. You can then be ready to take on any job your foreman sends you.


When you accept employment with any of the local pipeline construction companies in Calgary, you may be expected to know how to weld. Welding is one of the more critical tasks that oilfield workers are asked to handle. This job is crucial to the integrity and length of the actual pipeline.

As soon as a section of pipe is assembled, it will be your job as a welder to secure the various pieces of it in place. Your welding will determine how well the pipe holds together in the future and whether it will need to be replaced in the coming weeks and months.

Pipeline Assembly

If you are not much of a welder, you may be asked to assemble various sections of the pipeline as your contribution. This work can be physically intensive and require you to lift hundreds of pounds of steel and aluminum. You also may need to know how to use equipment like a backhoe or forklift.

Your job may likewise require you to obtain certification or licensing to work in an oilfield. Your employer may insist on having you bonded and insured for your protection as well as that of the client.

Oilfield construction can be a lucrative career. You can take on the job with confidence by knowing your role once you are hired.