Factors to Look at When Shopping for Chillers, Fridges, and Freezers

The success and safety of your grocery or convenience store depend in part on the type of commercial equipment you use in it. The health department requires you to keep certain foods at or below the stipulated temperature. If foods like ice cream, milk, cheese, yogurt, and other products get too hot, they can spoil and cause someone who buys them to get sick.

To ensure that your store passes every health inspection, you can keep foods at the recommended temperature by storing them in commercial chillers, freezers, and fridges. You can find equipment for commercial refrigeration in California by looking for it online today.

Range of Temperatures

When you pick out appliances for commercial refrigeration in California, you want to select those that can keep food and beverages at or below the required temperature. It would do your business no good to invest in a refrigerator that cannot hit the desired temperature for milk, for example. You could not store that product safely in that appliance.

You ideally want to choose appliances that offer a range of temperature options so you can set it to the degree mark needed for your products. You can have one freezer set at the required temperature for ice cream and another set at the right level for milk, sour cream, and other dairy products.

Fridge and Freezer Depth

You also want these appliances to be plenty deep enough for the products that will be stored inside of them. You cannot devote time to constantly restocking the fridges and freezers. You need them to have plenty of depth so you can stock rows of milk, drinks, and other products in them with ease.

You can find appliances deep and cold enough for your store online. Contact TKS Cold Storage MFG & Construction to learn more about commercial refrigeration for your business today.