Make An Investment In Your Boatyard Equipment With A Self-Propelled Boat Trailer

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Boat Trailers

Any boatyard or marina owner or operator understands they are often working with a slim margin of profit. Finding ways to keep their boatyard running efficiently, and to find safe, secure, and economical ways to move boats around in the yard has always been a challenge.

While making a purchase may not initially seem like a way to save money or to make money, when it comes to adding a self-propelled boat trailer, this is the case. These trailers are extremely versatile and offer not only greater efficiency, but also an option for adding value to the overall operations of the boatyard or marina.

Space and Cost Considerations

Traditionally, with standard types of yard trailers, there is the need for a truck or tractor in addition to the trailer. The cost of these trailers is lower, but not significantly lower when the cost of the truck or tractor and year-round maintenance is considered.

The use of a self-propelled boat trailer also saves valuable space in the yard. There is one less vehicle that has to be stored, and these trailers are designed to be sleek and compact, while still offering the security and safety to move the boats they are rated to carry. They are also easy to maneuver, allow for more precise positioning of boats, often adding to the total storage capacity of the yard.


The new designs in the self-propelled boat trailer make it safe for an operator to move throughout the yard. There are some manufacturers that offer a full 360- degree line of sight from the operator station. This is typically located on the front of the trailer on the outboard side. For the larger trailers, additional cameras can be mounted on the frame of the trailer and the feed displayed on a monitor at the operator’s platform.

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