A Guide to the Benefits of Zoned Air Conditioning Systems for Your Home

If your bedroom is always hot and the kitchen is freezing, it may be time for HVAC or AC repair in Cabot AR, or maybe even an upgrade to your system. The most popular type of air conditioning system doesn’t always keep the inside of the home at a consistent temperature, but you can benefit from a multi-zone HVAC system for the reasons listed below.

Separate Thermostats
With a zoned air conditioning system, you can control each area’s temperature individually. For instance, you can set the kids’ rooms a few degrees higher than normal, but you can set the thermostat in your room a bit lower.

Energy Efficiency
If there are rooms in your home that don’t see much use, you can put them in separate zones with dedicated thermostats. Keeping those areas cooler in winter and warmer in summer will reduce energy use, helping you save electricity and money. The system won’t have to cool or heat the entire home, so it won’t struggle to do its job.

Longer System Life
With an independent thermostat for every zone, your HVAC system will find it easier to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home. By reducing the temperature in little-used parts of the home, you’ll reduce the strain on the system, extend its lifespan, and minimize the need for future HVAC and AC repair in Cabot, AR.

Most zoned systems may be remotely operated with your phone and a smart thermostat. If you’re not going to be home but you forgot to set the thermostat, simply open the app and make your changes. You can even save the walk down the hall and log in from your warm, cozy bed!

Keep the entire family happy and comfortable with a multi-zone HVAC system. With options such as humidity controls, fan controls, and remote access, you can adjust settings to your own level of comfort. With greater efficiency and easy installation, upgrading to a zoned system may be the right choice for your home.