How to install insect screens in your home

Window screens are an absolute necessity to keep bugs and flies where they belong; outside. There are numerous screen meshes that are used but the concept is the same, the screen is stretched in a frame which is usually made from aluminium, the finished frame and screen mesh is then inserted into the window opening. There are various mesh materials available, a very popular option is fibre glass however there are stronger mesh fabrics that often are used in doors which tend to take abuse, especially from kids and dogs. There is also one-way mesh that lets you see out but no one can see in and very heavy duty mesh that provides added security. As the frames can be made in any size, insect screens can be installed on any window in your home as well as the doors.

Window screens are an absolute must in places where there are hordes of insect and flies; Australia is one of those places. Although keeping flying insects at bay is the primary value of insect screens they are also beneficial as they allow ample sunlight to stream into the room, there is no further need to use smelly fly spray and other chemical sprays, you can leave the windows open which saves money on air conditioning a closed environment and, you can sleep the sleep of babes.

The most common method of fabrication is to produce an aluminium frame of the correct size, the screen mesh is laid over the frame and a rubber cord is rolled into or pressed into a channel that is extruded into the aluminium section. This method is very secure and this design makes installing the insect screens in your home simple and straight forward.

Although wooden frames are no longer popular there still are older homes that make use of screens made with a wooden frame. In the event the screen mesh ages and fails, it is possible to purchase the mesh alone and re-staple it in place and then cover the staples with a small wooden moulding.

It is not only windows that are screened; screen doors are also very popular. Screen doors are fitted into the same frame as the security door but are installed so they swing in the opposite direction, usually the interior door swings in and the screen door swings out although, when they are used with conventional sliding glass doors leading to the patio, they too are designed to slide.

When you want to install insect screen in your home you are better off having them made and installed by professionals. Call the experts at Geelong Security Doors & Shower Screens, before long your home will be insect and fly free.