Security Doors – Protect The Entrance To Your Home

Two Apparently Unrelated But Linked Observations

It is an unfortunate fact of our modern society that we can never be completely free of people in our neighbourhood having criminal intentions and seeking to enter our homes illegally and unannounced. Our country has always been a relatively warm part of the world and another fact relating to today’s living is that the climate really does seem to be getting warmer.

Dealing With These

Intruder alarm systems and security doors and windows can and will go a long way towards protecting you from criminal intentions. However; if you overdo your security arrangements; you might end up turning your home into some sort of prison like structure with you securely locked up inside it.

Air conditioning will alleviate high temperatures but costs quite a bit of money to run and the cooled air can upset some people’s breathing giving dry throats and congested air passages. Leaving a door or window open when there are cooling breezes outside is much cheaper and can be more pleasant. But, this could provide access for unwanted guests – insect, animal, reptile or human.

Mosquito Screens

Anyone who lives in a warmer climate is familiar with making sure that there is a screen across all openings into their home simply to keep all the bugs and other creepy crawlies out. Provided they are kept closed; they adequately let air and sunshine come in while denying entry to the mozzies, etc. However, they are not much use against heavier intruders be they animals, birds, burglars or vandals.

How About A More Robust Screen?

Maybe a screen that is still open enough to allow light and breeze to pass through while being of a close enough weave to be impenetrable to small flying insects; but, made of a tougher than usual material –maybe stainless steel – something that would require relatively heavy duty metal cutting equipment to take it out? Of course it will also have to be securely fixed onto the frame (door or window frame as the case may be).

Such screens are available and can be used with just about any type of door and window in your house. They are not a DIY fitting job and need to be tailored to fit your doorways and windows and then installed by experts.

Crimsafe is one such screen and (so long as it is the genuine item) even a heavyweight wrestler with a sledgehammer won’t be able to quickly break through it.