How To Go About Applying For Disability Benefits

by | Apr 2, 2016 | Law Services

In many ways the US Social Security system can be considered a safety net for society and there are many different ways to qualify for benefits, as this is a vast and complex program. Most people pay into this program for many years through their taxes, but still don’t understand whether they are eligible for benefits when their circumstances change and, as a result, struggle financially in a manner that could have been prevented if they’d had the right help.

One of the programs offered under Social Security is for disabled people. Some may think that you need to be born with a disability to qualify but, in reality, if you have an accident or the on-set of a serious illness, you can become disabled at any time. This is when you need to know how to apply for benefits if you are eligible. The process can be complicated, though, with some people being turned down for benefits when they truly believe that they should qualify. It’s at this point that you should consider contacting disability attorneys in Manhattan. There are firms that specialize in understanding the laws governing Social Security who will quickly be able to advise you as to whether you have a case or not.

How do you know you qualify for disability benefits?

For a start, if you have been working and then become disabled, it will need to be proved that you have contributed to the fund for a certain length of time. Thereafter, you need to show that you are not capable of holding down a full-time job and earning any kind of income. Just because you were working in a job that required strength and physical activity and you are now in a wheelchair, for example, if you are eminently qualified for an office job and one can be found for you, it’s not accurate to say that you are completely unable to work.

If you are genuinely unable to hold down any kind of job, you will also need to prove that this condition is likely to last for a period of 12 consecutive months. This may seem unfair, as even being out of work for even a few months can have a dramatic effect on your finances, but there are other insurances that you can look to in this type of situation – it wouldn’t be considered as suitable to receive disability benefits.

What is the process of applying?

Social Security staff will initially screen all applicants to see if they are eligible for Supplemental Security Income, which will be based on your financial situation. Thereafter, your mental or physical impairment will be assessed. This can be a difficult time because there are so many different medical conditions, and different medical practitioners may have differing opinions. This is also when consulting with professional disability attorneys can be most helpful as they will probably have wide experience in assessing various clients and will be able to advise you very quickly if they believe you have a case for eligibility.

Disability attorneys in Manhattan can help you receive the disability benefits from Social Security that you deserve. Contact Daniel Berger Attorney at Law to get legal help that you can trust.

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