Find An Experienced Vet For Your Pet

You think the world of your pet so you want to find a vet that is experienced and treats animals with loving care. Choosing the right vet clinic is highly important to you and to your pet in many ways. If possible you should meet with a veterinarian before making your final decision. During this time you will know if your furry companion is comfortable around the vet. Also, do not be afraid to ask a vet or their staff questions such as, how long have they been caring and treating animals, what types of experience do they have and what services do they provide. You want to feel confident and when asking questions this can help you make your decision. Veterinary hospital in Logan Square is a reputable clinic that has a staff of veterinarians with years of experience.

Services Provided by a Qualified Vet

Regular health examinations are very important for all animals. Your pet should have this done at least once a year because during this exam a vet will be able to detect if they have any medical problems. A clinic that also provides ultrasound and radiographic diagnostics is good as well. This will enable a vet to study skeletal systems and internal organs without having to do surgery on your pet. Furthermore, by choosing a vet that is equipped with a laboratory so that they can get immediate and accurate results will allow them to be able to treat animals sooner rather than later. Some of the laboratory services include assorted chemistry panels, complete blood counts, individual chemistry testing, electrolyte panels, and more. If you have a sick kitten or puppy and think they have Parvo, heartworm or FIV they can do a screening for that as well.

Keeping your Pet Healthy and Happy

After a vet has seen and treated your furry companion they will sit down with you and discuss what issue your pet is having and how you can help whether it means giving your pet medicine or changing their diet plan. When owning an animal whether it is a cat, dog or rabbit you want them to be healthy and when an animal is well they are happy. Having a vet that is trusting, caring and experienced with animals will have you feeling you made the right choice in selecting them to tend to your pet.

Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic is a veterinary hospital in Logan Square that provides several kinds of services for animals that need a regular check-ups or medical care. Contact them today or visit their website for more information.