Workers Compensation Lawyers Woodbridge NJ Help People Who Didn’t Report an Injury Immediately

A person who has been injured at work may have hesitated to report the incident for various reasons. This employee may have heard that employers sometimes fire individuals who file for workers compensation. Even if he knows this never happens, this person might not want to rock the boat and perhaps create a disruptive atmosphere in the workplace. In truth, employers are legally prohibited from terminating workers for making an injury claim. If the injured person has trouble receiving payment for lost wages and medical treatment, Workers Compensation Lawyers Woodbridge NJ can help.

This injured person should not delay any longer in reporting the incident. This needs to be done within 30 days of when the incident occurred. Most employers are very accommodating in helping their workers acquire medical treatment, which may include attention from a doctor and a physical therapist. Even if the individual needs surgery, workers compensation will pay for the operation as long as the injury can be verified as work-related. For Workers Compensation Lawyers Woodbridge NJ has experienced attorneys who can answer questions about the employee’s concerns.

Workers Compensation Lawyers Woodbridge NJ can assist if the employer does dispute that the injury occurred on the job or that the person needs time off to recover. Especially in factory settings, supervisors can be under a great deal of pressure to maintain a string of weeks or months with no lost-time accidents. They may strongly encourage the employee to accept a lighter-duty position for now. However, if that individual knows the injury will not heal or may be further aggravated by coming to work full-time, he should not feel compelled to do so. Click here for more details.

In addition to paying for medical care, workers comp is also intended to reimburse employees for a certain percentage of their lost wages. The employees do not receive the full amount, but at least receiving some income while they are unable to work helps pay the bills. Most employers hold the person’s job until he returns even if not required to do so by law. Someone who was hurt at work and did not report it immediately may want to contact a firm such as Harrell Smith and Williams LLC in Woodbridge NJ for a consultation.