How to Get Affordable Cell Phone Service in Vermont

Many everyday tasks are carried out using the Internet. If you need to pay a utility bill, then you can pay for it online. Some employers even require you to fill out applications through their online website. It is easy to think that everyone has the Internet. Read on to find out how to get affordable cell phone service through free government cell phone companies in Vermont.

Households without Smartphones

A quarter of households with income below $30,000 a year say they do not own a smartphone. Some people with lower incomes do not own a computer, have home broadband services, or own a tablet. These individuals mainly access the Internet through a flip phone or at a public computer at a library.

Limited Options for Internet Access

Households who do not have multiple options for connecting to the Internet rely on cellphones. These homes may own a smartphone, but do not have broadband Internet at home. They are also more likely to use them for tasks that require a larger screen. Some people have to carry out homework using a smartphone.

Free Resources

Lifeline is a government program that makes communications services more affordable for low-income consumers. It provides you with a discount on qualifying monthly telephone service, broadband Internet service, or bundled voice-broadband packages purchased from free government cell phone companies in Vermont.

It helps to see if you qualify for affordable cellphone service in your area. Some assistance programs that qualify you are Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Contact Infiniti Mobile at to qualify your household.