Factors to consider when choosing lifeline phones in Missouri

There is no doubt that cell phones have made their way into everyone’s life. Whether in your pocket, purse, or on the counter at home, we all have one close by. Nowadays, you can talk to loved ones that may be far away and keep up with friends who do not live near you. To make a good decision when choosing lifeline phones in Missouri, there are certain things to consider.

The Type of Plan

Lifeline phones are usually used with an agreement with a wireless provider. If the provider allows the phone to be used with other companies’ networks, that is called a universal plan. If the provider only allows you to use minutes on their network, it is a non-universal plan. The benefit of a universal plan is that it is less expensive because you are using minutes from your monthly plan rather than purchasing separate minutes from your provider.


Depending on your needs, you may want a particular set of features. Some Lifeline phones in Missouri have GPS navigation, Bluetooth pairing, and panic buttons. However, more features only sometimes mean that the phone is better. It is vital to choose a phone with the features that you will use most often.

When choosing lifeline phones in Missouri, it is essential to take the time to consider your unique needs. Comparing your choices with friends with similar plans may be a good idea. Safety Net Wireless is a cell phone service provider participating in Lifeline and ACP government benefit programs. For more information, visit https://safetynetwireless.com/.