Benefits of Custom Moulding in Bainbridge Island, WA

It is no mystery that mouldings and trimmings enhance the appearance of a home’s interior that is fresher and more polished. For those considering remodeling a three- or four-decade-old house, trim and custom moulding in Bainbridge Island, WA is an excellent place to begin.

Interior trimmings, however, provide several other advantages in addition to giving your existing house a fresh look, including the following.

Adds Dimension

Chair rails are becoming increasingly rare in modern homes. However, these cuts were a huge hit back in the day. Chair rails, which were originally intended to protect interior walls from the backs of chairs, have also been utilized to lend depth and dimension to any area.

Indeed, the use of these trimmings may serve to divide a wall, allowing you to incorporate additional design elements above the rails such as portraits, murals, and other pieces of artwork into the space above the rails. The presence of a separating line in a wall also gives the impression that the room is broader and more expansive.

Gives More Space

Adding custom timber mouldings in the form of window casings, especially those that are deeper and broader, may result in a big windowsill where you can display vases, plants, and other decorative items such as candles. Window casings that are stylish and deep not only give beauty to a space, but they also make it appear more spacious.

Update Baseboards Without Replacing Walls

It is possible to use baseboards to conceal uneven floorboard borders and to give your flooring and walls a more coherent appearance. In addition, premier custom moulding in Bainbridge Island, WA in the form of baseboards can help to prevent damage to the bottom of your walls as time passes. These trims can also help to keep dirt and impurities from making their way into your walls.