3 Keys to a Successful Sexual Assault Defense

If you’re facing allegations of a sex crime, your future and your freedom are at stake. You probably have many questions, and you may wonder how to beat a false accusation. These charges are frightening, and a conviction carries lifelong consequences. As you think of your future and consider your legal options, it’s important to consult a sexual assault attorney San Antonio and think of these keys to a successful defense.

An Experienced Attorney

In sexual assault cases, you get just one chance to beat the charges and you shouldn’t leave your case in inexperienced hands. Our firm has significant trial experience, and we’ll use it to help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Call Law Office of Jesse Hernandez today to learn how we can protect your rights during the legal process.

Not Discussing the Case Before Consulting a Lawyer

While most people instinctively try to defend themselves and repair their own reputations, confronting an accuser or cooperating with the police isn’t always in your best interest. Even if the charges are false, there are big risks to speaking without a lawyer present. With an attorney’s help and guidance, you’ll know what to say and when to say it.

Not Waiting for Charges to be Filed

Some people are caught off-guard by sexual assault charges, and that’s okay; we can still help. If you think you’re facing an investigation, or if someone has accused you of a sex crime, don’t wait for formal charges to contact us. The sooner a sexual assault attorney San Antonio takes on your case, the sooner they can gather proof, request a dismissal, make a plea deal, and get ready for a trial.

Call Today

Your reputation, your freedom, and your rights are all at risk if you’re accused of a sexual crime. Contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez or visit Jessehernandezlaw.com to request a consultation with a sexual assault attorney San Antonio.