Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

You may notice some signs around your home that make you think, maybe I need to find a service for home window replacement near me in Fairfax, VA but you are not sure whether or not your windows actually need to be replaced. Perhaps you have never given the windows much thought. Either way, there are four major indicators that suggest your current windows are worn beyond repair.

You Are Paying More for Gas or Electricity

While electricity and gas bills fall and rise with seasonal temperature changes, drafty windows cause your power bill to be abnormally high. Feel around your windows’ enclosures for cracks and drafts. Although older windows are notorious for drafts, some types of economical windows can warp and cause outside air to drift into your home.

The Window’s Paint Is Peeling

Weather elements are brutal on windows. If the paint on your window’s exterior looks dull, chances are the window’s interior paint will soon start to chip. Peeling paint is often a sign of too much exposure to moisture. Wooden window frames can also rot from prolonged contact with condensation.

You Have Caulked Your Window in the Past

On average, window caulk must be touched up once every five years. When caulking starts to separate from the window, moisture and air can enter the room. Ideally, you should check the integrity of the caulk yearly. To check for leaks in the seal, hold a lit candle to the window’s seams. If the flame moves toward you, a draft may be the culprit.

Some Windows Will Not Open or Shut Properly

Besides drafts, another issue with warped windows is that they may not close or open easily. Warping is a common problem with wood windows because the weather makes wood expand and shrink. In some cases, a window gets off track to the point where a replacement is warranted. Consider your windows’ usability when you think, I might need home window replacement near me in Fairfax, VA.

When you notice the cost of electricity or gas is unusually high, it might be time to look into window replacement. Before contacting a local contractor, check for these four signs that your windows should be replaced. If those symptoms are present, ask a friend to provide a recommendation for home window replacement near me in Fairfax, VA.