Why Are Electric Hand Dryers Right for Homes and Businesses?

Everyone has seen the signs saying thank you for using the electric dryer and helping the environment. This is something that both companies and homeowners can do to help the environment. They should find ways to get rid of costly paper towels and introduce the best hand dryers to their bathrooms.

Great for the Environment

Anyone who really wanted to save money could just wipe their hands on their pants and be done with it, but for obvious reasons, most people don’t want to walk in wet pants. It’s much better to be dry, and help the environment at the same time. Electric hand dryers prevent deforestation and use much less energy than paper manufacturing and garbage collection. Having hot air to dry your hands is also much nicer, and these dryers have great efficiency. They dry hands very quickly, and a quality dryer will last you a long time.

Savings in your Pocket

You do not have to worry about spending money to install it, only to find that six months later it stops working. That’s not a concern since a good quality dryer will last for many years. Lots of people think that these dryers are not efficient because they use energy, but they are only used for at least twenty seconds at a time, and they are not used constantly. The carbon offset is there, and they are a net plus for the environment.

People Enjoy Them

Electric hand dryers are most often found in hotels, offices, bathrooms in restaurants, shopping centers and conference venues, but that should not prevent you from drying in your bathrooms at home. Believe it or not, if you have young kids, the dryer will also convince them to wash their hands more often, as they use the hand dryer. To go with this dryer, you should have a soap dispenser attached to the wall, if you want to enforce best hygiene practices.