Involved in a DUI Case and Need SR22 Car Insurance?

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Automotive

It is unfortunate that you have been involved in a DUI drunk driving incident. The hangover of the drinks unfortunately changes to a period of anxiety, stress, and problem solving. Then you are jolted back to reality when a simple need of being able to drive your own vehicle becomes difficult. When the court has ordered for you to require a SR-22 form it best you get it as soon as possible or else you can risk serious consequences. Look no further for cheap SR-22 in Illinois from a reputable insurance provider.

What to Expect from an Insurance Provider

If you are involved in a DUI and have been asked specifically to obtain a SR-22 form it is because of your DUI incident. This is a requirement in most states. SR-22 car insurance is a proof of coverage before reinstating driving privileges to people who have been convicted of driving under the influence. What you can expect from an insurance provider that provides SR-22 forms in Illinois is this; they will make certain your SR-22 document gets filed and assist you in getting a SR-22 policy that fits within your needs. The insurance provider will make sure you understand what the policy is and why you need it as well as ensuring you receive the best deal.

Be Responsible

It is your responsibility to be responsible. If you cancel your policy or your policy lapses then the insurance provider is abided by law to immediately inform the DMV authorities and your driving license can be suspended. In most cases you are specifically required to have a SR-22 form for a specific amount of time. This will differ from each state but most states require at least 3 years. It is a must that you have continuous insurance the entire time you are required to carry SR-22. Contact Accurate Auto Insurance for more details.

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