Features and Improvements in the New Ford Explorer

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Auto Repair Shop

The new Ford Explorer is an advanced vehicle that has grown into a truck and meets the needs of the US market. It offers more comfort and quality and also works efficiently.

Both Inside and Out

The new Ford Explorer has a car-like appearance and a nice SUV crossover style. The shape is good and many straight lines and sharp angles can be seen. It is a huge vehicle having a three-bar grid grill and large glass surfaces respectively. The interior of the new Ford Explorer consists of a metallic finish and is a functional use of quality materials. The climate controls, radio controls and buttons are smooth. There is an auxiliary input jack and a six-speaker stereo system with Bluetooth.

Many Features

Optional features include satellite radio, USB port, MyFord Touch infotainment system, voice-activated Bluetooth, dual sunroof, 12 stereo Sony speakers, dual-zone automatic climate control, and rear seat entertainment system. On the other hand, seven people can sit comfortably in three rows inside of the new Explorer. There are leather seats, second row heated seats, heated and interchangeable front seats and optional second row bucket seats, respectively. A Ford Explorer in Barrington will look right at home. Many people drive one.

High Performance

The new Ford Explorer is integrated with a set of similar car mechanics as a Volvo. Mainly, it allows front-wheel drive, but four-wheel drive can also be achieved. There is a standard 3.5-liter V-6 engine that generates 290 and 60 miles per hour. Acceleration can be achieved in just eight seconds. The six-speed automatic transmission is present, which is superior to the model V-8 engine. Many models can use the sports shift mode to get fast shift returns and fast acceleration. The old power supply gives way to a gentle and agile drive train. The new Ford Explorer can cut corners with strong grip and agility. There is an Active Park Assist option, which allows it to park freely. This works in such a way that the cameras move in a direction when the driver presses the brake pedal to stop the car.

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