Affordable Veterinary Surgery Practices in Chicago

Vet bills can be draining on your bank account, especially if your beloved pet needs some sort of surgical procedure. However, if you live in the Chicago area, you’re in luck. There are many options for affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago. Here are some common conditions and procedures that might be performed:

Cherry Eye

One ailment that can fall upon both cats and dogs is a condition called the cherry eye. Cherry eye happens when your dog or cat possesses the third eyelid. Most of the time, owners are unaware that the third eyelid is even there. This third eyelid contains a gland that produces secretions. These secretions help to lubricate the eye.  Sometimes this gland pops out of position and this causes a red mass. Hence the name “cherry eye.”


Episioplasty is a reconstructive surgical procedure which is performed in order to remove excess skin folds around the genital area of female dogs. The procedure does not alter the genitals, but creates a more normal position and provides comfort for your dog. The need for this procedure can be due to obesity or could be just something the dog was born with. This condition is most common in English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Shar Pei’s and Pugs.

Gastric Dilatation

Gastric Dilatation is a fancier way of saying your pet has bloating issues. However, more and more veterinarians are seeing bloating as a more life-threatening condition to your pet. Most Veterinarians believe that this condition starts out as dilation of the stomach which causes pressure within the stomach to increase. This increased pressure can lead to severe issues.

The animal must have excess gas released immediately. This process is called decompression. The next step is for the animal to receive fluids to counteract shock. The surgery will act as a way to move the stomach back to its normal position. Once the stomach is returned to its normal position, a “gastropexy” will be performed. A gastropexy permanently attaches the stomach to the body wall. This will make the stomach unable to come out of place again.

If you are looking for more information on affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago, contact the Metropolitan Veterinary Center. Reach them online at website.