Signs You May Need Brakes Repair Service

Working brakes are essential for safe driving. However, not everyone is familiar with the warning signs that it may be time to look for a brakes repair service near Midway. Scheduling regular service for the brakes helps make sure that more costly repairs aren’t going to be needed in the future.

Unusual Sounds

One of the major signs that the brakes may need replacing is if unusual sounds occur during braking. For example, there may be a high-pitched squeal or a grinding sound. These sounds are an indicator that the brake pads are gone or nearly gone, so it’s important to schedule an appointment soon, or other parts of the brakes may become damaged as well and need to be replaced. The squealing sound is actually built into the brake design to help let people know it’s time to get their brakes fixed because the brake pads are almost worn out. However, sometimes having the radio or air conditioning on can make it hard to hear this audible warning.

Vehicle Pulling or Not Responding Well to Braking

Other more obvious signs that it may be time for brakes repair service near Midway include the vehicle pulling to one side when the brakes are applied or the car not responding as well to braking. For example, you may need to press down more firmly on the brakes to get the vehicle to stop. Pulling usually happens if one side of the brake lining is more worn than the other or if there is some type of contamination in the brake fluid. Leaking brake fluid or an air leak in the braking system can both cause the brakes to be less responsive than usual.


In some cases, a vibration can occur when there’s a problem with warped rotors or the car is out of alignment. This may feel similar to the vibrating that can occur when anti-lock brakes engage but happens in situations when the anti-lock brakes wouldn’t normally engage. This is more likely to occur in cars that spend a lot of time towing trailers or braking while going down steep inclines.

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