Favorite And Top Craft Brewery Products In Bend OR

Breweries in Bend OR produce many styles of beer. The craft brewery facilities are always coming up with creative and unique blends including seasonal and specialty brews. Some remain while others fade away, failing to make their mark. However, among craft beer aficionados, certain beers from Bend remain favorites over the years.

Beers to Try in Bend OR

Bend is home to many craft breweries. Each produces a signature or flagship brew. A complete list is beyond the mandate of this article. However, it can provide a brief compilation of popular brews in alphabetical order to avoid favoritism.

 * Black Butte Porter: An iconic brew from Deschutes Brewery
 * Bone-A-Fide Pale Ale: Boneyard Beer produces this popular brew
 * Ching Ching: A tart Berliner Weisse beer by the Bend Brewing Co
 * Hop-Head Imperial IPA: For this beer by the Bend Brewing Company, the name says it all
 * Hop-tagon Imperial IPA: Some prefer this by Silver Moon Brewing
 * Obsidian Stout: A classic American stout by Deschute
 * Prowell Springs: A favorite lager from the Crux Fermentation Project
 * RPM IPA: This balanced but very hoppy brew is the flagship of Boneyard Beer Co.
 * Rock Crawler Red: A classic amber by Bridge 99 Brewery
 * Sahalie: An American Wild Ale the flagship brand of The Ale Apothecary
 * The Abyss: Another popular brew, a smooth, imperial stout by Deschutes
 * Vicious Mosquito: Aptly named product by Sunriver Brewing
 * Volkssekt Berliner Weisse: Made by Bend Brewing Co.
 * Worthy IPA: Favorite products from Worthy Brewing

A Brewery for Every Taste

If you plan to vacation in Bend OR, do sample some of the local craft beers. Be sure to check out the Grande Dame of the industry – Deschutes Brewery. If, however, they have nothing to your taste, make it your mission to try what the other local craft breweries have to offer including those at Ale Apothecary Boneyard, Crux Fermentation Project and Sunriver. At Bend, there is truly a brewery producing that “right” beer for everyone.