Ventilation Issues With Orange County CA Roofing

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Roofing

Ventilation is a peaked roof’s first line of defense against the sun’s harmful rays. Sunlight can create roof temperatures that are more than double that of the hottest summer day and, over time, the effects of UV rays and heat can shorten the roof’s lifespan. Read on to learn the basics of roof ventilation and to find out what happens when Orange County CA roofing isn’t properly ventilated.

Good Ventilation Starts in the Attic

The biggest Roofing temperature issues start with attic ventilation. Proper venting brings air into the home’s attic and allows heated air to escape. Below is an explanation of the process.

  • The intake vent is installed in the roof’s eaves or soffits. In the summertime, fresh air comes in through the vents and, even though it may be 90 degrees or more, it’s cooler than the air already in the attic. On summer days without roof ventilation, attic temperatures can reach or exceed 150 degrees.

  • The exhaust vent allows heated air to get out of the home’s attic and away from its roof. A proper system uses a number of exhaust and intake vents that is appropriate for the home’s size. There are different exhaust vent types, such as static, turbine, and power vents. A roofer can help the homeowner choose the right kinds of vents.

The Consequences of Inadequate Roof Ventilation

Without sufficient ventilation, moisture can gather in the attic. Coming in the form of water vapor, it will condense on anything metal. The problem can be made worse in humid, hot climates as mildew and mold can get into the attic’s insulation, reducing its effectiveness.

Rapidly rising attic temperatures are inevitable when a roof isn’t sufficiently ventilated. When the temperature in the attic rises, it heats the inside of the home, putting more stress on the home’s HVAC unit. Intense heat can put a severe toll on any kind of roofing material, significantly increasing the chances of premature roof failure. The effects are especially pronounced on wooden and asphalt roofs.

Most homeowners don’t think of roof ventilation until a problem arises. By ensuring that a roof is properly ventilated, the homeowner can prolong its life and keep the home cool. Consult with J.L. Ray Company for help with Orange County CA roofing.


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