Evaluating Traditional Style Wall Pack Designs

Wall packs are a common lighting option for most commercial businesses, but they are also used anywhere that bright, clear light and durable fixtures are essential. Typically, the traditional style wall pack is a rectangular or square shaped fixture that has a glass lens and uses LED lighting for white light directed where it is needed.

The best wall packs will have a durable housing, which is often made from heavy-duty aluminum to provide the ideal combination of strength and lightweight housing. This is also resistant to corrosion and, with a choice of finish colors, they can match perfectly with any building design and décor.

When choosing from the various traditional style wall pack options, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Taking the time to choose the design as well as the lighting capacity of the wall pack will ensure the correct match for your needs.

Wet Rated Only

For outdoor use, even in sheltered areas, using wet rated wall packs is highly recommended. Even when under an awning or covered area, mist, rain and even snow can blow up and under the cover. Fog is another natural event that will require the use of a wet rated fixture for safety.


Think of lumens as the brightness rating for a traditional style wall pack. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light will be. This is different than watts, which is the amount of energy needed to power the bulb.

Photo Cell or Motion Sensor

Wall packs can be installed to turn on and off with a switch or on a timer. They can also be configured with a photocell which provides adusk to dawn lighting solution. Motion sensors can be used with these lights to have the lights turn on when motion is detected and stay on for a pre-set amount of time before turning off automatically.