Richter: Handling of Corrosive Fluids made Easy

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Business

Mag drive pump is a centrifugal pump consists of three main components – magnet cup, driving magnet and driven magnet. Magnetic technology is being used to couple motor with pump, instead of using mechanical seal. The magnet cup acts as a separator between driven and driving magnet and locks the pumped liquid from atmosphere; thus making it a completely seal-less design. Mag drive pumps are perfect fit in applications that require handling of combustible or corrosive fluids where leakage may cause harm to environment. Legislation regarding fugitive emission, more stringent application requirements and incompetence of mechanical seals are prime drivers to adopt mag drive pumps in chemical and petrochemical industry.

Richter, a subsidiary of IDEX Corporation offers plastic lined mag drive centrifugal pumps. These pumps are used for handling ultrapure, corrosive and hazardous liquids in difficult operating conditions where stainless steel and special castings do not provide enough resistance to corrosion. Richter mag drive pumps offer cost advantages such as low running cost, no maintenance cost (associate with replacement of seal) and no downtime or production loss. The Richter pump portfolio includes pump heads up to 150 m, operating temperatures from -60 to +200 ºC, flow rate up to 600 m3/hr and discharge pressure up to 16 bar. The pump housing is made of thick walled ductile cast iron seamlessly lined with PFA (lining thickness: 3.5 to 6 mm). High reliability and safe operation makes Richter mag drive pump an obvious choice for handling hazardous and corrosive fluids in variety of applications.

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