Do You Live in Ohio? Find out about Your Lemon Law Rights

Fewer things in life are as frustrating as buying a new car that doesn’t work right. Whether you have electrical issues all the time or something more severe, you don’t have to live with a bad car in Ohio. Most people aren’t aware of Ohio Lemon Law rights or how they apply to them. However, learning more about it and how to get compensation can prevent financial hardship and other problems.

Is It a Lemon?

If you live in Ohio, your vehicle is considered a lemon if it has one or more significant unresolved issues that compromise its safety. Vehicles can include light trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, and cars. To qualify under the Lemon Law:

   * Your vehicle must be less than one year old.
   * The odometer must have less than 18,000 miles.

However, even if one or both of these qualifications are met, you must allow the manufacturer or dealer enough time to fix the problem under the warranty. You must:

   * Give them three attempts (or more) to fix one problem.
   * Have your vehicle in the dealership service shop for at least 30 days.
   * Give the dealer/manufacturer eight attempts to fix multiple issues.
   * Give the dealer one attempt to fix a problem that could cause serious injury or death.

Many times, you can work out a deal with the manufacturer through arbitration or with a settlement. However, if they aren’t willing to compensate you, you can hire a lawyer and file a civil suit. You only have five years from the purchase date to file a claim. If you do hire an attorney, they can ensure that you have the proper documentation.

Does the Lemon Law apply to you and a new vehicle you purchased? If you think it does, visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® in Ohio for a consultation.