Hire A Family Lawyer In Bainbridge Island For Sound Legal Advice

Family law cases are some of the most difficult types of situations an individual can go through. Deciding to end a marriage or determining how much time the children will spend with each parent can cause a lot of turmoil in a family’s life. Adoption and paternity also involve highly emotional cases because of the subject of the proceeding.

With the help of a Family Lawyer in Bainbridge Island, The amount of stress can be reduced when an individual receives the correct legal knowledge about their case. Family and friends usually offer their advice in these types of situations, but the law changes frequently. Things that worked five years ago might not be the same situation today.


A couple might be very agreeable to getting a divorce until they need to decide how assets and debts are going to be distributed between them. A Collaborative Divorce is a great option for saving money on legal fees and obtaining a divorce settlement and decree that both partners can be happy with. The Collaborative Law approach helps to meet the unique needs of each party, the children, and the family’s previous and future situations.


If an individual thinks they are the father of a child, the best place to start with establishing paternity is by filing an order with the court. The male who thinks he is the father will have to take a paternity test and the mother will have to bring the child in for DNA testing. Proving paternity gives a male the right to file for a custody or visitation with the child and be involved in the child’s life.

Child Custody

A Family Lawyer in Bainbridge Island can help an individual obtain a custody order that will set out of the guidelines for each parent’s time. The attorney will help a parent design an order that covers all aspects of child custody cases, including whether a parent is permitted to take a child out of state on vacation; how many nights a child will spend with one parent or the other; and who will be in charge of making important decisions about the child.