Could Our Ft Lauderdale Dog Daycare Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Could our Ft. Lauderdale dog daycare solve your dog’s weight issues? Actually, the answer is yes! Dog daycare in Ft. Lauderdale is a wonderful way to ensure your dog receives his daily exercise, even when you have a busy schedule! With studies now showing that 54% of pets are obese, exercise has never been more important for our canine friends. How can daycare help, you ask?  It many, many ways!

We’ve all heard it a million times – exercise is the key to losing weight. For dogs, exercise is the key to a happy, healthy and well-rounded dog. A bored dog is an unhealthy dog, both mentally and physically. Dogs require at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Between meetings, running the kids to practice, and running the household, Fido doesn’t always see his daily walk. And little by little, the weight starts to pack on. Before you know it, Fido has rolls you’ve just noticed and is breathing a little harder after that romp around the living room. It’s time to get the weight off and get Fido back to his fit, fab self! Our dog daycare in Ft. Lauderdale is exactly what he needs! Because the best part about exercise for dogs is that it is ALWAYS fun!

At our Ft. Lauderdale dog daycare location, your dog will spend his time with us doing exactly what he loves to do – be a dog! And being a dog with dog friends is what will shed those pounds off faster! Running, jumping, romping and playing with his friends will supply your pup with the exercise he craves while you run errands, head to work, or just enjoy the day at home to clean – whatever your day includes, you can rest easy knowing your dog is having the time of his life PLUS receiving that dose of exercise he desperately needs.

Don’t worry, our dog daycare in Ft. Lauderdale doesn’t have to be an everyday thing! Alternate your walking routine with a daycare schedule. Treating your dog to this upscale Ft. Lauderdale dog daycare just 2 to 3 times per week can drastically change, not only the weight, but the behavior of your dog as well.

Still not sure?  We offer a $15 trial day for our Ft. Lauderdale dog daycare services! Bring in your dog to test it out. See how much your dog loves the pool, the play yards, his new friends, the exercise, and everything our facility has to offer for a discounted rate of $15.00!

Give Business Name a call today at Phone No to inquire about our $15 trial day and get Fido shedding those pounds right away!