Beverage Processing: Basic Steps

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Beverages

The global marketplace is highly competitive. It does not allow mistakes. In the beverage processing industry, you can succeed or fail based on the ability to produce affordable and enjoyable drinks consistently. Yet, although the drinks you may produce may fall into the carbonated or noncarbonated category, the process of production is essentially the same. Below are the steps a manufacturer follows to produce carbonated beverages such as cola, soda or “pop.”

Basic Steps for Carbonated Beverage Production

The process of producing a carbonated beverage falls into several steps. The machinery or equipment that produces the final product may be fully integrated as in an automated inline and online system. Alternatively, the system may consist of various semi-automated components that are linked together to create a line of production. The overall process falls into several sub-processes. These are:

  • Syrup Production: Where required, sugar and flavor are dissolved to yield syrup
  • Water: Prepare and de-aerate
  • Blending: Using a batch tank or a continuous inline system, blend the ingredients together into a smooth consistent product. The practice requires exactitude. Unwanted aeration can arise if the mixture receives too much agitation
  • Pasteurization or Other: Pasteurize or apply a thermal treatment e.g. ultra violet radiation
  • Carbonization: Use a carbonator or other device to infuse the beverage with the right amount of CO2
  • Buffer Tank
  • Filter
  • Packaging: Cartons, boxes, cans and bottles depending upon the product and the company’s capabilities

These are the basic steps of beverage processing.

In addition, the company must take extreme care to ensure the safety and purity of the product and the environment by operating the plan in accordance with government regulations. This includes safe and secure handling of all waste and by-products of the beverage industrial production. Clean-in place (CIP) systems are a vital component of keeping the product safe while allowing the equipment and the process to proceed without costly shut-downs for maintenance and cleaning. Careful monitoring of the equipment and regular maintenance will ensure the safety of employees on the floor and the purity of the products produced in the facility.

Beverage Processing Systems

A company follows certain procedures when preparing a beverage for market. From preparing the syrup to mixing the ingredients, a logical sequence of events moves the base and raw ingredients from preparation to bottling and packaging. Precise methods are essential if a company is to ensure its beverage processing methods result in a product that the public will taste, enjoy and continue to purchase.

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