Automated Packaging to Keep Food Safe

You have most likely heard the horror stories on the nightly news regarding the large number of food alerts and recalls that have come to pass in recent years. Violations of food security hurt consumers for sure, it is also has a considerable impact on the retailers and manufacturers within the food industry. However, automated packaging may be the solution that you are looking for to reduce the food poisoning cases and hold on to your food manufacturing business.

Consumer Comfort and Safety

The confidence that a consumer has in the safety of the food that he or she purchases is vital. For this reason, they will check the packaging meticulously before they put it into their shopping cart at the grocery store. This is just one of the reasons that most manufacturers are turning to modified atmosphere packaging as well as other methods that utilize automated packaging equipment.

The modern method to contain goods that are to be purchased by the consumers in retail stores is modified atmosphere packaging. This particular packaging practice is not only ideal for the food industry, but also for the drug industry as well.

By using automated packaging equipment, all of the goods are contained properly and tightly sealed. This method of packaging food helps to control the speed of oxidation reactions and the growth of aerobic organisms by reducing the oxygen. The oxygen is lowered from twenty percent all the way down to zero. Using this method will improve the shelf life and the conditions of the food as well as other consumable goods.

The Best Equipment for the Job

Prior to the advent of automated packaging machines, there were a number of food products that failed to make it all the way to the consumer’s table. The reason for this failure was distribution mishandlings combined with food spoilage. With the wrong type of packaging, food security breaches were common in meat, seafood, cheese, pasta, baked goods, dried goods and more.

Fortunately, these days automated packaging is used to keep both processed and non-processed foods safe all the way from the factory to the table. The programmed machines automatically seal the products, safely securing the commodities.

Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to check the products that you purchase at your local grocery store. Always make sure the item is properly packaged and all seals are intact.